A taste of my “Corrective Viewing Treatment”! This is an example of Rod’s video art that will influence the way I make ‘Food for the Soul’

For about a decade during the late 80’s/early 90’s, I collected 1000’s of hours of television and films on VHS and edited barrage montage videotapes called “The Inner Tube”. I labelled my VHS tapes with the phrase “Television is a Drug and I am your Dealer!” and my phone # (to this day) and distributed them far and wide for many years.

Eventually, I ended up making a couple mono-thematic videotapes called “Going to Pot” and “Corrective Viewing Treatment” that I would show at parties and did several installations in cafe’s intermingled with my mash up video mixtapes on up to 30 televisions of all shapes and sizes. The audience would watch each other watching my hard cut video essay on television addiction and mind control.

Now it’s 20 years later and I’m learning how to edit digitally (after avoiding it for so long – but I have to say I’m not loving it yet) and I wanted to give you a taste of how I ‘used to do things’ because I’ve to make “Food for the Soul” entirely from ‘found footage’ from commercials, music videos, television, articles, essays, books and music. That also addresses the important issue of copyright violation vs freedom of speech & fair use for artistic, reporting or documentary purposes.

The landscape of media is changing so quickly even it’s ‘makers’ (& ‘keepers’?) can’t keep up with it. Corporately controlled media has become the most effective form of mind control ever imagined. Will we sit in front of our screens and allow their influence to shape our lives, our minds and our most important choices or will we reclaim our rights to control what we put in our mouths, our minds and our community?

There have already been three ‘copyright claims’ against this video (so I can assure you that I won’t be posting my film on Youtube – it wouldn’t last a day). Two of them against the clip from the movie “Network”. Both from record companies who’s artists sampled the film for their songs. But why do they think they own it? And why is Youtube giving them the right to monetize my post because of that claim? Therein lies the true conflict of copyright.