1000 songs, 1000 artists, 1000 days

About The Project

1000+ Songs, 1000 Artists, 1000 Days filmed by 1 man with 1 camera (every one in a single continuous shot) with 1 stereo microphone and ‘live’ sound.

I started posting EveryDayMusic on April 1st, 2012 and it will wrap up Dec. 26, 2014. My goal is to post 1000 Songs (that I film in single continuous shots) by 1000 Artists over 1000 Days. But with bonus tracks and redo’s (redux) there will be many more.

I do not film an artist every single day. I’m not trying to put myself to the test here! My object is to have fun! And as I search for music everywhere I go I try to find songs that offer insight into our souls, hope and inspiration because this is my prayer for the world. I had a blog that I gave up on DAY458 because it was taking too much out of me. And I didn’t honestly cared who watches it, I just wanted to do it!

This project is driven by purpose not profit. I approach it as a seasoned artist with the goal of learning to experience music in a new way therefore I choose each artist to post as the days pass with a cadence that makes perfect sense to me (as bizarre as it may seem to anyone else). It is an adventure after all. Set in the rainy streets of Vancouver, BC. And now a quest that has largely been left up to chance.

I do not research artists, I find them or they find me. Everywhere I go people I ask people about shows they’re excited about and then I go.(!) And now I listen with my whole body, mind & spirit which ended up completely changing what I like to see/listen to. I prefer to hear an artist for the first time ‘live’ rather than recorded. When I meet an artist for a one-shot (take-away) video I don’t want to know anything about them. If I know the artist then I don’t want to know the song they’re going to perform (so I don’t normally make requests). Because that moment when I hear a song that just ‘works’ for me and I’m immersed in an intuitive collaboration with an performing artist that just fills me with joy… well,that’s my mojo these days. My videos are very candid and real, honestly preserving these moments with a sense of how I’ve experienced them.

As a result of being open to anything (musically speaking) and going out as often as possible to enjoy it, I’ve discovered an incredible array of artists that live in our midst and realized you too are surrounded by amazing music (that you don’t even know exists) and to quote David Ackart “Singers and Musicians are some of the most driven, courageous people on the face of the earth.” and they need your support!

I now firmly believe we need more music in our daily lives and that it will make us much happier, more connected people. You should follow my lead and go out to see more live music! it’s amazing, it’s everywhere, it’s cheapier than you think and it will make you happier, introduce you to what’s going on in your community and if you’re a musician who has a song you’d like to share with me you better get on it! I’m counting down my final year now. As I cross paths with these artists I will manifest more meaningful musical moments and build to an exciting finish.

I’ve learned to trust this path. It’s been an amazing experience so far… but it’s far from over! And right now… it’s still a well kept secret. 1000’s have subscribed that have yet to discover ‘what’s in there’. A veritable treasure chest of musical gems. A box of lyrical chocolates. More people should be watching as I string another musical pearl on my string of… ok, I’ll stop.

What am I going to do when it’s over? Maybe hang up my camera (for good) and just dance! But I’ll be turning 50 a month before this project ends, so I want to produce a show (in my favorite venue) that features some of my favorite artists playing alternate versions of some of my favorite songs and have one helluva party! In this case, it’s not the destination that matters… it’s the journey!

Rod Matheson