Video #103 of 1000 – Kenny Rogers – The Greatest. Recorded live at the PNE on Aug. 29.2011 in HD (1080p on DSC-HV9X).

When I read Destiny’s bio and found out that she had sang with Kenny Rogers, I saw another thread that connects us. I became a big fan of Kenny Rogers after one of my best friends, Jacques LaLonde portrayed him in a hilarious Fringe play that told us Kenny’s story (with the help of all of his ex-wives) in song called “The Kenny Rogers Experience”. I did the punchline powerpoint presentation for the performance and Jacques gave me a “Kenny” crew shirt that he got from a friend who worked on a Kenny Rogers show. So, as yet another line intersects in my EveryDayMusic Experience, I found the perfect song to follow Destiny’s…

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Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic