Video #1000 of 1000 – Jeff Gladstone & The Bad Ideas – There May Be A Golden Distance. For Day 1000 of EveryDayMusic on Dec.26, 2014. Recorded in the gear storage room of the Railway Club, after the show on Dec.22, 2014 in HD (XA10 in 1080p).

Sophia Perlman, Todd Biffard, Jeff Gladstone, Bruce Horack.

Well… That’s All Folks! The EveryDayMusic project (by Rod Matheson) comes to a close. 1000(+) songs by 1000(+) artists over 1000 days. Fait accompli! When I heard Jeff sing “And whichever way our future lay, the only thing to say is goodbye” at the East Van Opry I thought this song my be a fitting conclusion. Of course… nothing’s really gone as planned with this project. The best parts of it simply happened.

When I decided to ask The Bad Ideas if they’d play the song for my final day the first place we planned to shoot it was in their rehearsal studio. But Todd Biffard was sick and couldn’t be there. Todd was the drummer in Maria in the Shower – DAY1 of EveryDayMusic, so we couldn’t do it without him! Then it was suggested we do it at the Railway Club. But I didn’t want to do it on the stage. We spoke about it being in the centre of the room with the band surrounded by the crowd, lit by their cell phone flashlights. Sounded cool, but it didn’t go off as planned (all part of the story that I will begin telling in 2015) so I waited until they were done playing and asked them to step into the tiny box-shaped gear room in the back of the Railway Club and play it for me one more time. We did it in one take (just the way I like it)! With my best friend Rodger LaLonde standing beside me, I crouched on top of the freezer leaning over the top of the fridge in order to get the shot! It was his 57th birthday (and he was born in 1957).

I can barely express (at the moment) how much these days meant to me and what it feels like to complete the journey. In 2.75 years I posted 1156 songs that accrued over 6 million minutes watched over almost 2 million views and ended up with around 3600 subscribers (and never did anything to promote the project other than hand out my card and give a couple interviews when I was asked). I’ve seen well over 1500 performances in virtually every venue in Vancouver, talked to 1000’s of musicians and met 10,000’s of people! I’ve also seen over 1000 crowds and watched how every kind of person reacted to the live musical experience and I’ve come away with some profound realizations.

I am a changed man. I have a new purpose in life. This is just the beginning…