1000th Song (posted on EveryDayMusic)!!! Bonus Track – Corin Raymond and Jonathan Byrd – There Will Always Be A Small Time. For DAY11 of EveryDayMusic. Recorded live at the Old Crow House Concert on Mar. 19, 2011 in HD (Sony H20 in 720p)

In a living room filled with 40 people on a cold night in North Vancouver, Corin Raymond & Jonathon Byrd sang what I think should be the theme song of EveryDayMusic.

When I realized I had posted 999 songs (over 883 days) I had no idea what I should post for my 1000th. I suppose it’s special so it deserved some extra thought.

My original goal was to post 1000 songs by 1000 artists over 1000 days but with bonus tracks (like this one) and reduxes I’ve now posted 1000 songs with 116 days/artists left before DAY1000).

I’ve chosen a song that really captures the spirit of my musical adventure. I’ve seen very few of the big shows I used to enjoy all the time and been largely discouraged by the music ‘industry’ (in Vancouver). So I’ve spent the majority of my time enjoying the ‘small scene’ (where I’ve been most welcomed) that is thriving in coffee shops, garages, living rooms, back yards, galleries, music stores, parks and speak easies all over town.

For my 1000th post I wanted to share a song about what was happening in the very moment it was recorded… which perfectly describes what I’d like to share through my project…