Video #254 of 1000 – Bučan Bučan – Numero Uno Diversión (#1 Fun!). Recorded in a storefront (that was closing and empty) on Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, BC on Dec. 8, 2012 in HD (1080p on XA10).

I went over to Victoria to see Hank & Lily and tried to line up as many bands as I could to shoot one-shot videos with. First up: a band featuring my old friend (since ’85) Jonty Parker Jervis in an 8pc Balkan Style Swing band! We met in an empty shop on Fan Tan Alley and they performed two songs for me (as I stood on a rickety old wooden ladder that Tom apparently thought would crumble underneath me at any second)…

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Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic
Posted with permission of the artists.