Video # 4 of 1000 – Christopher Arruda – We Be Good Men. Recorded Live in a stairwell in a parking lot in Downtown Vancouver on Mar. 31, 2012 in HD (1080p on Sony DSCHX9V).

This is a classic example of ‘any place will do’ for an EveryDayVideo (because all that matters is the song)! After shooting this song (in a single take) in a stairwell of a nearby parking lot, we walked to the venue Chris was perform at that evening and talked about the privilege of playing for a listening audience. The art gallery Chris was opening (for Dominique Fricot) in was extremely loud – so loud he could barely hear himself playing. So Chris tried to get the audience to simmer down and listen by addressing them between songs. But it seemed like the more he tried to encourage them to listen, the louder they got! Which begs the question… “Why do people pay to see live music, only to ignore the performer(s) once they’re on stage?”

Chris is now a part of a sensational three piece called The Lion The Bear The Fox (featured on DAY576 and again with an incredible REDUX posted later) with Cory Woodward (DAY333) and Ryan McMahon (DAY927). And this song ended up being the first ‘single’ on their first album.

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Video #3 of 1000 – The War on Drugs. For DAY3 of EveryDayMusic on Apr. 3, 2012. Recorded live at Zulu Records Store on March 24, 2012 in HD (1080p on Sony DSCHX9V).

This free all ages concert at Zulu was part of a series put on by Northern Transmissions. A rare chance to see The War on Drugs performing in this setting. In 2014, they returned to perform two sold out concerts at the Rickshaw Theatre.

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Shot by Rod Matheson for the EveryDayMusic Project (EveryDayMusicTV)
Posted with permission of the artist.