Video #737 of 1000 – Gerardo Alfonso – Son Los Sueños Todavia. For DAY737 of EveryDayMusic on Apr. 7, 2014. Recorded live at the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House on Apr. 6, 2014 in HD (1080p on XA10).

This song is about Che Guevara and what he meant to the Cuban People. Translation: They Are Still The Dreams

You were rising up from the southern cordillera
And were coming since long before
With love for the world deep inside you.
It was a star that put you here
And made you part of this people.
Out of thanks many were born
Who are so much like you
And did not want you to leave,
And are different since then.
After so much time and so much turmoil
We continue forever
On this long, long road
That you take.
The end of the century tells us an old truth:
Good times and bad times
Are a part of reality.
I knew very well you were going to return,
That you were going to return from some place,
Because dolor has not killed the Utopian dream,
Because love is eternal
And the people who love you do not forget you.
You knew well enough from that time
That you were going to grow, that you were going to stay,
Because faith that is clear cleanses wounds,
Because your spirit is humble
And is born anew in the poor and in their lives.
After so much time and so much turmoil
They are still the dreams
That draw the people,
Like a magnet that, each day, unites them.
It is not about windmills,
It is not about a Quijote.
Something is being tempered in the soul of the people,
A virtue which rises above titles and names.
After so much time and so much turmoil….