Video #94 of 1000 – El Grupo Cubano – Perfidia (Acapella). Recorded live at the Armoury Studio on June 29, 2012 in HD (1080p on XA10).

I met Judith Milliken at a House Concert in North Vancouver (Old Crow Concert) and she told me she was bringing in a Cuban Band that would be performing at her home this month. They put on a fantastic show (but were mostly in the dark, so I won’t be posting any on EDM) and Judith is a part of the Home Routes concert network, so there will be others that I’m sure will be post-worthy. But this group is so fantastic that I need to share them. I will be shooting some one-shot vids of more songs with the full band (5) very soon and will repost a link on this day’s (DAY93) blog.

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Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic