Video #996 of 1000 – M Lund – Undercover Cure. For Day 996 of EveryDayMusic on Dec.22, 2014. Recorded in his workspace (office) on Dec.20, 2014 in HD (XA10 in 1080p).

I’ve recorded Matt a couple times before but haven’t posted him because honestly (?) his music isn’t ‘my style’. But I had a few hours to chat with him the other night and as a ‘guy who just writes songs’ I think he’s doing a great job working for things he believes in “Undercover”. So I post this as a ‘reality check’ for us all (who believe music has to sound a certain way or believe they know what a ‘good musician’ is. To me a good musician is one that is honest with themselves and plays because they want to, not because they want to be rich or famous.