Video #10 of 1000. Treasa LeVasseur – Let Me Sleep On It. Recorded live at The St. James Hall (Rogue Folk Club) on Mar. 30, 2012 in HD (1080p on Sony DSCHV9X).

How many of us listen to the advice we’re given? Well, I like what Treasa’s brother said… “Live for your music til the day that you’re dead because a troubadour will always find a way to get fed!”

For the first month of my project, I filmed on a small Sony DSCHV9X camera. But the sound quality simply didn’t capture voices like Treasa’s well enough, so I laid down $3K for a Canon XA10 and Rode Stereo Pro microphone. Hopefully, I’ll be able to shoot a REDUX with Treasa one day so that I may do her stunning voice justice. But it’s the songs that matter most in this project and this one seemed like a perfect one to feature as I seek inspiration and insight through music.

Shot by Rod Matheson for The Rogue Folk Club and EveryDayMusic
Posted with permission from the artist.