Video #185 of 1000 – Martyn Joseph – Beyond Us. Recorded in the back seat of Martyn’s rental car in HD (1080p on XA10 w/BW).

The first question people always ask of me is “How’re you going to make money with this?” My answer “I’m not, in fact it’ll prolly cost me a bundle…” It’s hard to tell you what it’s like sitting in a car (well kneeling with my ass against the steering wheel) with Martyn Joseph while he playing a song (I’ve never heard before). I first saw/heard him at a house concert in North Vancouver and was reduced to tears by the third song. I heard “So Many Lies” and “Kiss the World Beautiful” for the first time that night. Once I’d started this project (knowing that Martyn comes to BC a couple times a year) I wanted to shoot one of them (this time with him performing it just for me/my camera) again. So, I had now achieved my goal, having shot it in Martyn’s rental car. Mission accomplished.

Martyn suggested that B/W would look good in this setting and I told him I generally didn’t process my videos and shot it B/W in my camera. So, he asked if I wanted to shoot another song and I shot “Beyond Us” in B/W. The new album’s just come out so this is a world video premiere of this song.

This was an incredible moment for me. The kind that makes me feel glad to be alive and following the EveryDayMusic path to the discovery of these songs. I could’ve suggested “So Many Lies”… I certainly wanted to shoot it. But I let the moment unfold and collected another perfect song for EveryDayMusic (for me far better than the one I requested) and I heard it for the first time as I shot this. This is all the ‘reward’ I need from this project. Whatever may come of it is not my concern. I’m in it for moments like these. 814 to go!

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Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic
Posted with permission of the artist.