Video #375 of 1000 – Terrance Zdunich and Saar Hendelman – A song from upcoming The Devil’s Carnival Pt.2 (currently in pre-production). For DAY375 of EveryDayMusic on Apr. 10, 2013. Recorded after the premiere of The Devil’s Carnival Pt. 1 at the Rio Theatre on Mar. 24, 2013 (and withheld until the tour was complete) in HD (1080p on XA10).

This segment shows the composer and lyricist of Repo The Genetic Opera (directed by Darren Lynn Bousman – Saw 2,3 & 4) and The Devil’s Carnival Pt.1 (this indy film project will be released in 3 parts – Part 1 just premiered and is currently available on DVD) showing how they develop a song together. They tell us how they work together to create songs based on the characters/story line and you get to see the progression of the idea until they agree upon a final song. Part 1 took place in a carnival representing Hell and Part 2 will take place in Heaven.

Trailer for Repo, the Genetic Opera:
Trailer for The Devil’s Carnival Pt. 1:
More info on the Devil’s Carnival at:

Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic
Posted with permission of the artists.