Video #49 of 1000 – No Sinner performs “Work Song” by Nina Simone. Recorded live at The Rickshaw Theatre on May 17, 2012 in HD (1080p on XA10).

After shooting Headwater on the marquee of the Rickshaw Theatre and watching them deliver a powerful ‘unplugged’ set in the lobby, I walked into the theatre and experienced ‘No Sinner’ peforming live (my first time)…. No Sinner’s sound bears a trustworthiness of timbre and melody that’s easy to fall in love with. The music speaks the native tongue of blues, rock and soul. The songs tell the timeless tales of relationship dysfunction. But the persona is unique to this moment in pop. Twenty-four year-old lead singer/songwriter Colleen Rennison carries with her the burden of someone who has lived, loved and lost—requisite experience for the genres she works in—but communicates in the weird mixed-language of millennial Vancouver: a creole of rugged Canadiana and rap vernacular.

Nina Simone did several versions of this prison song throughout her career and Colleen loves the song so much that she’ll be including it on No Sinner’s next album.

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Shot by Rod Matheson for EveryDayMusic
Posted with permission of the artist