Video #750 of 1000 – The Cellophane Heart – The Oxidation Process. For DAY750 of EveryDayMusic for Apr. 20, 2014. Recorded in a park near Jeremy’s home (Sleeping Bag Studio) on Apr. 19, 2014 in HD (1080p on XA10).

This is a special day (3/4 or 75% of the way ‘home’) so I wanted to post a special friend. I met Jeremy when he messaged me on Youtube after seeing my DAY355 posting of “West My Friend” (a band he had recently interviewed for his show). We quickly became friends after exchanging emails after realizing the common passion we share for indy music and a fervent desire to help artists (who don’t realize how talented they are) find a wider audience. He has become an avid supporter of EveryDayMusic and hosted a day (like this one) last year, where I filmed 8 bands over 8 hours in/around his home/studio. I had so much fun I jumped at the chance to do it again, but this time… Jeremy would be performing a song of his own. A rare thing indeed. As a producer, he tends to write and record songs (in the studio) but rarely plays them (live). He credits me for inspiring him to finish his latest album (The Cellophane Heart) after prodding him for a song for a year!

This journey has been about making connections (and new friends) as much as finding/posting songs. People keep asking me ‘how I make money with this thing?’ and when they do I tell them that I gained something far more important than money from this venture… friends.

Jeremy’s been there with moral support (and advice) during some of my most difficult moments (of this journey – my life’s changed in so many ways and it hasn’t been easy to adapt) and even made me a channel ‘trailer’ when Youtube changed its format and left a hole in my front page that I couldn’t fill!

This ‘channel’ is really a collection of memories for me. Something I will always cherish and return to for comfort and inspiration. The other question people ask me most? ‘What’re you going to do when it’s done?’ Well… more than anything, I want to spend more time enjoying the friends I’ve made along this long, winding path! It’s not the destination that matters here, but the journey (and the experiences I share with the wonderful people I meet along the way).

DAY750 ‘bitches’! Home stretch.