Video #865 of 1000 – Plimley Babin Poole Experience. For DAY865 of EveryDayMusic on Aug. 13, 2014. Recorded live at Performance Works during The TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival on June 20, 2014 in HD (XA10 in 1080p).

Pianist Paul Plimley, Bassist Tommy Babin and Drummer Joe Poole.

“One of Canada’s foremost improvising musicians, pianist Paul Plimley (NOW Orchestra, Scott Amendola) is a tornado of avant-improvisation, modal melodic manipulations, and sharp neo-classicism. Bassist Tommy Babin’s brawny playing pits “full-bore free-improv against stratospheric out-rock.” (Exclaim!) In-demand drummer Joe Poole has worked with James Danderfer, Jaclyn Guillou, and Coat Cooke.”